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Volunteer and Intern in Mexico

  • Location: Guadalajara, Ciudad Guzman, Tecoman
  • Accommodation: Host families
  • Local languages: Spanish
Country Info

Mexico is a beautiful country, and a great place to spend time on a volunteer program or internship. Mexico is a real meeting-place of cultures: a modern, industrialized and well-educated country that’s full of history. American, Spanish and Indian influences all come together to make it a fascinating place that mixes developed and developing worlds. Mexico is a stimulating mixture of wealth and poverty, and offers amazing opportunities for volunteers to learn and travel within its expansive borders.

It’s a paradise country of mountains and volcanoes, deserts and beautiful beaches and ancient ruins and civilizations, with nearly 30 World Heritage Sites. It is one of the most diverse countries in the world in terms of biodiversity, with over 200,000 different species of flora and fauna.

Mexicans are proud of their roots and ancient traditions but also live with the US superpower next door. The importance of English is therefore apparent to everyone.

Our projects in Mexico are available for anyone interested in volunteering in the developing world, including those on a college summer break, gap year, career break or volunteer vacation.

Volunteer Work and Internships in Mexico

Volunteer in Mexico

The large city of Guadalajara is the home of Projects Abroad Mexico. Our volunteer office base is right next to the magnificent Expiatorio Cathedral in the center of the city. Teaching, Care, Culture & Community, Sports, Conservation & Environment, Medicine & Healthcare, Journalism, Veterinary Medicine & Animal Care, Arts & Crafts, International Development, Business and Spanish language placements are all available to volunteers.

We also have some projects in Ciudad Guzman which allow volunteers to experience life in a smaller Mexican town, under the shadow of the great Colima Volcano. If you are on the Conservation & Environment Project, you’ll stay on the coast at our turtle camp, about three hours’ drive from Guadalajara.

Living in Mexico is an experience difficult to match. You’ll live with a host family and be immersed in the local lifestyle and community, from the universal passion for soccer to the ‘Day of the Dead’ celebrations, when the whole country grinds to a halt to honor its ancestors.

Volunteer Vacations and Voluntourism in Mexico

Intern in Mexico

Guadalajara is fondly known as the most Mexican of cities. Tequila, sombreros, mariachi music and rodeo riders all originated in Guadalajara.

There are plenty of activities here to fill your time off. Attending a soccer fiesta followed by a meal of tortas ahogadas - pork rolls drowned in chili sauce - is something that has to be experienced. Visit a small town with a group of volunteers and become the star of the local festival: in Mexico, anything’s possible!

Mexico offers a bit of everything to everyone volunteering abroad, all accessible via the reliable bus services that cross the country. There are cheap, clean, modest hotels in almost every small town.

To get away from it all, find a good map and a bus schedule and head for the beaches, hills, jungles or mountains. In Mexico it is easy to get off the beaten track. You’ll soon be walking up ancient pyramids, whale-watching, trekking or surfing the Mexican waves.

Projects for All Ages in Mexico

High School Specials for Teens in Mexico

Alternative Spring Break Trips for University Students in Mexico

Projects for professionals available in Mexico

Most recent blogs from Mexico

Medical Outreach at Niños y Adolescentes en Armonía - 27/08/2014

This month’s medical outreach in Mexico took place las 27th August at our project partner Niños y Adolescentes en Armonía. Volunteers working in different healthcare projects in Guadalajara were asked to attend to this event to help and learn in the effort. Our volunteers this time were Julie Ribo ...

The beginning!!

O wat heerlijk dit. Lekker bloggen en met jullie mijn reis delen. Vandaag de laatste betaling gedaan (lees: moet de rest van de maand cup a soup eten) nu kan ik echt niet meer terug! Spannend hoor... Vandaag m'n prikjes en advies gehaald bij de travel clinic, nee ben niet flauwgevallen ;) gelukkig ...

A french IT student training falcons in Guadalajara: Katheleen Lemaire

Katheleen Lemaire is a 22-year-old IT student from Lile, France, who has taken the decision to pursue a career in the veterinary field after having volunteered in Mexico with Projects Abroad at the animal rehab center located in Guadalajara. Even though this seems like a radical change in her professional ...

Medical Outreach at La Cofradía 26/07/14

Last saturday 26th of July, three amazing volunteers: Molly Sniadach (US), Manon Eyraud (France), and Camilla Cappelletti (Italy), helped in our Medical Outreach. We offered free consultations and medicines to the members of the community La Cofradía, located one hour from the center of Guadalajara, ...

Day 11

Day 11: Today we got to observe an appendectomy and a knee scope! It was my first time in the OR at this hospital, so it was really great to see. After we dressed in sterile scrubs, caps, and booties, we headed back. There was a hallway with a sink for scrubbing in, and a window where patients were ...

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