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Volunteer OverseasVolunteer Overseas

Public Health for Volunteers over 19 in Ghana

Project Info

2 weeks
  • Sunday July 9th 2017 - Saturday July 22nd 2017

  • Placement locations: Dodowa, on the outskirts of Accra
  • Role: Hospitals and community outreaches
  • Accommodation: Host Families
  • Age Requirements: Volunteers must be 19 and older
  • Arrival Airport: Accra (ACC)
  • Local Languages: English & Twi

Projects Abroad volunteers takes part in a Public Health outreach in Ghana.

Joining Projects Abroad on the Public Health Project in Ghana is a great way to enhance your practical medical knowledge over the summer while also giving back. This two-week program focuses on providing communities with free basic medical care and ensuring that locals are educated about general health issues, such as basic nutrition for children and the importance of hygiene.

While anyone can do this project, we especially recommend it for pre-med students working toward medical school and professionals with an interest in the promotion of health and physical well-being.

In your first week at the project, you will be trained in various screening and testing procedures before getting involved in outreach work. These outreaches take place at schools, villages, and community centers, where you will be administering general health testing, minor wound and skin treatments, and malaria testing and treatment. In addition to this, you will also help provide nutritional advice to the parents of young children, and educate the community on hygiene and first aid.

You can read more detailed information about the aims of the project in our Ghana Medicine & Healthcare Management Plan.

To fully immerse you into daily Ghanaian life, you will be placed with a host family, where you will try the local cuisine and learn the culture and traditions. During your stay, you and the other volunteers will be involved in various social activities, including a trip to Cape Coast Castle and the Kakum Rainforest Reserve, where you can hike through the jungle and visit the canopy walkway.

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