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Volunteer OverseasVolunteer Overseas


We recommend that you let Projects Abroad Travel book your flights.

Projects Abroad Travel can book your flights

  • to and from your destination
  • between two destinations or multiple destinations
  • on to other countries after your placement
  • around the world

Why do we recommend that you let us book your flights?

  • safe and reliable scheduled airlines
  • sensible routes and layover times
  • speed, efficiency and personalized nature of our service
  • transfers automatically arranged when you land
  • no extra worries - timetable changes, overnight delays, changing baggage allowances, time-zone changes - we deal with all of it and keep you fully informed

Sure, we'll meet any flights but, if we book them for you, then we are responsible for your safe arrival at your destination and your safe return home.

and - last but not least -

we always try to put you on the same flight as at least one other volunteer

Departing from the USA and Canada

Booking with Projects Abroad Travel is an easy and convenient process.

This is the procedure:

  1. You are accepted into your volunteer program;
  2. We will send you a flight itinerary and price;
  3. You can tell us
    • Yes, the itinerary is great
    • Yes but please change this part of the itinerary [give us the details];
    • No, I've decided to get my own flights.
  4. If you said "yes", we'll book you in. If you said "yes but", we'll send you another itinerary. If you said "no", we'll leave you to get your own flights (but we'll be on hand to help)

Alternative Airport Arrivals

For some destinations you can choose to be met at an alternative airport for an extra fee. You can see a list of these prices here.

The Projects Abroad Travel Team together in our Travel Office Our expert Travel Team: Ana Silvia, Tatiana, Blanca and Jesica

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