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Hundreds of teachers in Peru receive training from Projects Abroad volunteers


A record number of 700 local teachers enrolled for this year's Teacher Training Project in Peru. Our Teaching volunteers ensured the event was a success, by leading training sessions to improve the English language of the teachers who attended.

Thousands of sea turtle hatchlings protected in first year at new location in Mexico


Our Sea Turtle & Coastal Conservation Project in Mexico has achieved outstanding results in its first year at the project's new location in Cuyutlan. Volunteers helped facilitate a safe entry into the ocean for more than 50,000 hatchlings. Sea turtles remain critically endangered, so if you are passionate about marine wildlife, you can sign up and continue Project Abroad's 11-year legacy of protecting turtles.

Volunteers prepare new dormitories for refugees in Mexico


FM4, one of our project partners in Mexico, recently opened new dormitories for migrants in need. Our International Development Project actively involves supporting migrants and other vulnerable groups. Deepen the experience by participating in Rights Without Borders, a combination option that takes you to Mexico and South Africa to work with migrants and refugees.

2017 |  2016 |  2015 |  2014 |  2013 |  2012 |  2011 |  2010 |  2009 |  2008
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