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Prices for Combinations

There is so much to choose from! Why not combine placements? See some suggestions!

Combining Projects in the Same Destination

You can combine as many placements within a country as you wish, as long as you meet the minimum duration requirements for each project (see charts on the Prices page for minimums). Try to do each for as long as you can so you can get the most out of your time abroad.

When combining projects within the same destination, you pay for the highest priced project and then any other project is charged at its “extra week” price, regardless of the order that you do the projects.*

For example:

Teach English in Cusco, Peru followed by a Medicine placement there:

  • Teaching - 8 weeks
  • Then Medicine - 4 weeks

You will pay the 4-weeks Medicine price plus 8 of the “extra week” prices for Teaching. This comes out to be significantly less than adding the separate prices together.

Combining Projects in Multiple Destinations

You can combine any of our destinations, too. Some volunteers go to two countries - a few go to four or five! When you sign up for two or more project countries you will get 10% off each program fee.**

Most of our placements fit well onto a round-the-world ticket, or are linked by some of the best train and overland journeys in the world! Projects Abroad travel team will send you a flight itinerary after you sign up, which you can choose to accept. Whether or not you book your flights through us, we’ll meet you at the airport.

* Does not apply to full-time Language Courses, Language Add-ons, or Diving Courses.
** Not including Language Add-ons and Diving Courses. No further discounts will be applied.

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