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We offer projects to volunteer with animals for those who are passionate about protecting nature and the environment. At Projects Abroad we care about looking after the world and all creatures living in it. Animals cannot always care for themselves in a world with growing levels of pollution, human interference, climate change, and other issues that cause a threat to animal species around the world.

Volunteers can look after endangered animals abroad such as spectacled bears in Peru

We have therefore committed to addressing issues related to animal well-being, and with the crucial support of volunteers, aim to improve the lives of animals to see them live as naturally as possible. You can:

  • Protect an endangered species
  • Treat animals medically
  • Protect a species' natural habitat

Choosing the right project for you might depend on your own skills, experience, or interests – we are happy to help you choose.

We spread our reach far, across 5 continents, in diverse natural surroundings, helping all types of creatures.

There are two main categories that our animal volunteering projects fall into:

  1. Veterinary Medicine & Animal Care
  2. Conservation & Environment

Veterinary Medicine & Animal Care Volunteer Projects

Volunteer with animals to treat animals in need of care

You can provide medical care to animals on a veterinary medicine or animal care internship. We offer a number of projects where unique or general animal needs exist. We have placements at animal rehabilitation centers, sanctuaries, shelters, breeding centers, rescue centers, veterinary clinics, animal hospitals, and training centers. Some of the project placements and the specific animals you can provide medical care to include:

Conservation & Environment Volunteer Projects with Animals

Animals play an important role in maintaining the natural biodiversity of the environment. Some animals are seriously threatened by habitat loss, poaching, lack of access to food, and various other issues. In some circumstances, certain animals themselves are a threat to the natural environment being alien species. Lionfish, for example, have no natural predators in Belize, and therefore severely disrupt the natural balance of marine species.

Research and data-collection form an important part of volunteering with animals in conservation

We offer a variety of conservation projects where you can help protect the environment, through focusing on the well-being of a specific animal species, maintaining natural habitats and food sources, and more. The types of Conservation & Environment projects where you can work with animals include:

  • Protecting marine life in Belize
  • Protecting marine life, such as turtles, rays, and sharks, in Thailand
  • Protecting various mammals, reptiles, bats, and scarlet macaws, in Costa Rica
  • Maintaining biodiversity through protecting animals such as seabirds, giant tortoises, iguanas, and sea lions, on the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador
  • Protecting sharks in Fiji
  • Monitoring giraffe numbers in Kenya
  • Protecting sea turtles in Mexico
  • Maintaining biodiversity through protecting leopard, leopard cat, marking deer, Asiatic bear, red panda, reptiles, amphibians, and numerous bird species, in Nepal
  • Protecting lemur habitats in Madagascar
  • Looking after rescued spectacled bears, freshwater turtles, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies, and various other mammals, in Peru
  • Monitoring elephant numbers in South Africa 

Work with dogs or horses to help others

Volunteer with animals such as horses to treat children with special needs

Animals can have the ability to impact humans in a much more meaningful way than other humans, doctors, or medication. We therefore offer Canine and Equine Therapy Projects where you as a volunteer can work with dogs or horses to treat humans with various physical, mental, or emotional disabilities.

One of the major focuses on our projects with animals is education, where local people at our placement destinations learn about, and can continue, the improved treatment of animals. This is part of the sustainability goal on our projects. If you choose to volunteer with animals, you will devote time on outreach programs and educational workshops, to ensure that when you have completed your trip, you leave having passed on important information and skills for your work to be continued.

Animal Safety and Well-being while volunteering

Volunteers can treat animals through love and care

We are fully committed to the well-being of all the animals that we work with on our projects. Because of this, we have specific conditions and policies in place to ensure that none of our projects are connected to animal cruelty in any form, and that there are long-term and sustainable goals for each project. Visit our Animal Safety and Well-being While Volunteering page, to read more about our policies.

We offer projects to volunteer with animals for individuals or groups. You can join a project at any time of the year, or you can choose to join one of our specifically arranged group trips, depending on your age or availability.

High School students aged 16-19 can consider our High School Specials, if you are 19 years or older you can choose one of our 19+ Specials, and if you’re 50 years or older you can join a Grown-Up Special project. You can choose to do something different during your spring break by joining an Alternative Spring Break trip, and you can even work as a professional veterinarian on one of our projects for professionals.

Feel free to contact us if you would like assistance choosing the right project for you.

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