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Sports in Jamaica for Teens

Project Info
2 weeks
  • Sunday July 16th 2017 - Saturday July 29th 2017
  • Sunday August 6th 2017 - Saturday August 19th 2017

2 weeks
  • Sunday July 15th 2018 - Saturday July 28th 2018
  • Sunday August 5th 2018 - Saturday August 18th 2018

  • Placement location: Mandeville
  • Types of placements: Community Sports Camp
  • Accommodation: Host Families
  • Age Requirements: 16-19 years old
  • Arrival Airport: Kingston (KIN) or Montego Bay (MBJ)
  • Local Languages: Patois & English

Sports are extremely popular in Jamaica and most Jamaicans take pride in the country’s athletic achievements. You can share in this passion and enthusiasm through helping eager children get involved with sports to stay active and healthy.

Volunteer with his students on the Sports project in a school in Jamaica

As a volunteer, you will help coordinate and run activities with disadvantaged children at a community sports camp. The children’s ages range from 6 to 18. Volunteers get involved in a number of sports, including soccer, cricket, and track & field. At the end of the two weeks a traditional sports day will be held, where typical Jamaican races are combined with volunteers’ ideas for some competitions.

Your support will be greatly appreciated whether you have a lot of experience in one particular sport or simply enthusiasm for sports in general. Days will be tiring but fun!

Volunteers live with host families to get a real feel for Jamaican life and culture. There will also be organized cultural and social events in the evenings.

Over the weekend you will go on a trip to one of the island's famous beaches or caves. This will be coupled with a rich immersion into the music, dance, food, and other cultural aspects for which Jamaica is known.

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