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Care & Community in Senegal for Teens

Project Info
2 weeks
  • Sunday July 7th 2019 - Saturday July 20th 2019
  • Sunday July 28th 2019 - Saturday August 10th 2019
4 weeks
  • Sunday July 7th 2019 - Saturday August 3rd 2019

  • Placement location: St. Louis
  • Types of placements: Kindergarten or Center for Street Children
  • Accommodation: Host Families
  • Age Requirements: 15-18 years old
  • Arrival Airport: Dakar (DKR)
  • Local Languages: French & Wolof

Teen volunteer helps young boy with classwork on the Care & Community project in Senegal

Based in the picturesque town of St. Louis in northern Senegal, this placement offers the chance to experience a taste of Senegalese culture and contribute to the local community. This is a great project for students interested in childcare and anyone wanting to experience a cultural immersion.

You will live with a local host family and your days will be spent doing a variety of different activities at a kindergarten or center for street children. You will spend time supporting the children in the morning and also help to renovate and decorate a local school or community center in the afternoons. With the help of your fellow volunteers, as well as volunteers from the Building & French High School Special, you will be able to transform the building and provide a fresh and colorful environment for the children.

On the weekend you will spend time visiting the historic sites in and around St Louis. There are also social activities arranged throughout the two weeks including drum and dance lessons and a meal at a local restaurant.

You can read more detailed information about the aims of the project in our Senegal Care Management Plan.

Volunteer Profile Former volunteer Aanchal J. shares their story on the Care & Community project for teens
Aanchal J.
By the end of the trip, I had become accustomed to the friendly nature of the local Senegalese people. The young children on the street wave excitedly at us. They would race each other to greet the foreigners. They would stick out their hand and shake yours up and down. Read more...
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