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Volunteer and Intern in Argentina

Projects Abroad volunteer placement in Cordoba, Argentina
Volunteer Argentina classroom for childcare in Argentina Mountain around Cordoba in Argentina High School volunteers at a cafe in Argentina Care volunteer
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  • Location: Cordoba
  • Accommodation: Host families
  • Local languages: Spanish
Country Info

With its wealth of natural resources, Argentina is far ahead of most other developing countries but the efforts of Projects Abroad volunteers remain crucial. A succession of economic crises has devastated a once-strong middle class, and many people now live in or near poverty. Our projects are available for anyone interested in volunteering in the developing world, including those on a college summer break, gap year, career break, or volunteer vacation.

Argentina is a fantastic place to volunteer or intern abroad. The eighth largest country in the world and the second largest country in South America, Argentina is a place that combines South American traditions with strong European influences. It is an elegant country that is rich in natural, cultural, and sporting resources and has a well-educated population.

Unfortunately, in the late 20th century Argentina suffered high inflation rates and severe debt problems. However, the country is steadily climbing the hill back from depression, and its economy is finally getting back on track. As a volunteer, you can be a crucial part of this process and help make a difference in the lives of others, whether you are caring for children in care homes, or helping students develop their language skills in schools.

Staff Profile Guillermo Cogorno, Country Director
Guillermo Cogorno
Country Director
“I didn’t know quite where to start when trying to sum up Argentina! It possesses some of the world’s tallest mountains, expansive deserts, impressive waterfalls and a great diversity of landscapes, ranging from wild remote areas in Southern Patagonia to the bustling metropolis of Buenos Aires. Projects Abroad is based right outside of Cordoba, Argentina’s colonial capital. This picturesque city is overlooked by the mountain range of Sierra Chica, and its citizens are warm, friendly people who love to dance the tango! My staff and I look forward to welcoming you to this vibrant land.”

Where You Will Live in Argentina with Projects Abroad

Volunteer with young girl on a volunteer project in Argentina, South America

Projects Abroad has several opportunities for volunteering abroad and interning in Argentina. Our projects are based in and around Cordoba, Argentina's second largest city and the capital of Cordoba Province. Argentina is also an ideal destination for volunteers who want to practice their Spanish or start learning the language. We have a wide variety of volunteer projects and internships in Argentina, from Care and Teaching, to Medicine and Human Rights.

As a volunteer, you will be living with a local host family in or around Cordoba, which will give you a good insight into Argentine life and culture. Cordoba is a vibrant city set in the foothills of the Sierras Chicas mountain range.

Did you know? Cordoba is called “la Docta” (meaning “The Scholarly One”) due to its historic reputation as a center of academia and science - it is the site of Argentina’s oldest university.

There is plenty to see and be part of. Cordoba has many historical monuments built during Spanish rule. Its streets and promenades feature colonial architecture next to modern buildings. There is no doubt that Cordoba is a fascinating mix of the old and the new. There are also many festivals and parades held in this picturesque city throughout the year.

Travel and Sightseeing Opportunities in Argentina

Volunteer travelling during her project in Argentina, South America

With ten UNESCO World Biosphere Reserves and seven World Heritage Sites, Argentina is a fascinating country for tourists. As a visitor you’ll feel comfortable, inconspicuous, and very welcome. There’s a lot to explore, ranging from its extensive Atlantic coastline through to glaciers, Andean mountains, and the vast "Pampas” plains.

Cordoba is an excellent base. You can easily visit nearby attractions like Che Guevara's house, the Pan de Azucar Mountain, and many national parks and lakes.

As well as providing opportunities for volunteering abroad, Argentina offers numerous excellent locations for trekking, climbing, skiing, and horse-riding. When your placement is over, you can visit Iguazu Falls on the border with Brazil, stay on a ranch in the Pampas, or head to Valdes to spot whales, penguins, and sea lions. All kinds of adventures and experiences are available in this diverse country.

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