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Medical Internships in Latin America & the Caribbean

Projects Abroad medical intern learns how to tie a suture from a local medical student in Latin America.

Medicine & Healthcare internships in Latin America & the Caribbean are a great way to gain international medical experience and see how different healthcare systems work abroad. Projects Abroad has medical placements available in Latin America & the Caribbean in a variety of fields, including medicine, nursing, midwifery, dentistry, physical therapy, and nutrition.

How Can I be a Medical Intern in Latin America & the Caribbean?

Whether you are a high school student thinking about a pre-med track in college or a medical student looking to fulfill an elective, Projects Abroad has options for all skill levels. Some of our medical placements in South America & the Caribbean require experience in pre-med or medical fields, but Projects Abroad can always offer a project that suits your requirements and training, regardless of your age or education.

Medicine & Healthcare Projects in Latin America in:

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