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Personal insight: Family volunteering abroad

Here at Projects Abroad, we get inquiries about family volunteering more and more often. The increasing popularity of volunteering with your family is easy to understand when you think of the kinds of experiences it opens up for parents and their children. With the chance to teac
Food Tour in Cambodia

Learn about the historical influences on food as you taste your way through Cambodia.
Traveling with Projects Abroad: COVID-19 FAQs

As the world begins to open up again, and travel restrictions are lifted, many volunteers like you are making plans to go abroad and give your support to those in need. We understand that this is a challenging time to travel, and because your safety is our top priority, we've ans
Discovery Tour in Nepal

Explore the natural beauty and rich culture of Nepal with the Himalayas as your backdrop.
Volunteer Teaching in Peru

Work a at schools in Peru and help young students and teachers improve their English language skills
Volunteering Abroad for High School Students

Hassle-free, pre-planned trips for 15-18 year olds that help you step out of your comfort zone
Volunteer Vacations Abroad

Step off the beaten track and take part in a volunteer vacation abroad. With Projects Abroad, you’ll be able to pack your bags, stamp your passport, and become part of our long-term efforts to make a real difference.There’s a lot to see and do during volunteer travel. You can
Projects Abroad Trip Formats

At Projects Abroad, we offer all sorts of different projects that you can take part in. These range from volunteering and internships, to exciting cultural immersion experiences. Each of these projects has a Trip Format – a common set of features, such as dates, durations,
Volunteering in South America: Ecuador, Argentina, and Peru

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? For an experience that lets you help others and add global experience to your resume, join our volunteer opportunities in South America. We offer a range of programs that propel you into a place where you can experience something wildly diff
Conservation Group Volunteer Trips to Mexico

Live and work with a group in Mexico and become part of our ongoing efforts to protect endangered sea turtles

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