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Discovery Tour in India

Practice daily yoga as you connect with yourself, culture and community on your journey through India.
Club & Organization Group Trips

Projects Abroad offers group trips for various community groups and organizations, such as: Boy and Girl Scouts Youth Groups Student Council Religious organizations These trips allow individuals and friends from various locations to come together with others from within the sam
Volunteer in Asia

Experience the local cultures and diverse landscapes while volunteering in Asia
Discovery Tour in Fiji

Discover the authentic side of Fiji as you live among the locals and help save our sharks.
Volunteering Opportunities for Older Adults

With Projects Abroad, you can use your skills, knowledge, and life experience to make a real difference in developing countries. Do something different during your next vacation and and seize the opportunity to travel with purpose.  This is what you can expect from our volun
Best Adult Volunteer Abroad Programs in 2022

Have you been seeking a more meaningful travel experience? This is the year to challenge yourself to explore the world and do something different.  There is no greater way to see a new country and discover unique cultural aspects than to get involved in the community and vol
Alternatives to the Peace Corps

Are you interested in Peace Corps volunteer opportunities, but not sure about a two-year commitment? Projects Abroad is an organization like the Peace Corps, but with short-term options and fewer requirements.  Projects Abroad is an international volunteer organization that
Discovery Tour in Cambodia

Experience Cambodian history and culture as you interact with communities and explore the magnificent Angkor Wat temples.
Service Learning Projects for Middle School Students

Take 12-15 year olds beyond the classroom and help them make a difference where it's needed
Our Best Marine Conservation Volunteer Programs in 2022

The ocean is the life source of our planet. It provides the oxygen we breath. It regulates our climate and weather patterns. It provides food, medicine, transportation and recreation. Without the ocean, we simply wouldn't exist! Although the oceans provide numerous benefits to ou

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