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Volunteer OverseasVolunteer Overseas

Care & Community in China for Teens

Project Info
2 weeks
  • Sunday June 25th 2017 - Saturday July 8th 2017
  • Sunday July 16th 2017 - Saturday July 29th 2017

  • Placement location: Chengdu
  • Types of placements: Care Centers and Special Needs Centers
  • Accommodation: Hostel/Volunteer Apartment
  • Age Requirements: 16-19 years old
  • Arrival Airport: Chengdu (CTU)
  • Local Languages: Mandarin

Volunteers who are eager to work with children in the rapidly changing country of China can help with care and community projects to benefit our partner care centers for disabled and disadvantaged children in Chengdu. Chengdu is a city that manages to be both modernizing and traditionally Chinese at the same time, and is known for its Sichuanese people and their relaxed approach to life.

Teen volunteer plays patty cake with students during school break on a Care & Community project in China

Daily tasks include playing games with the children and helping them with basic education. The group also helps out by doing hands-on activities like renovating, painting, and decorating.

Volunteers offer a valuable contribution and help the local staff. You will also add to the children’s quality of life, not only through the development of their social skills, but also through exposing them to new cultures and ideas and improving their daily environment.

Living arrangements are either hostel accommodation with other volunteers, or in a volunteer apartment.

Your weekend will be spent visiting the panda sanctuary for which Chengdu is famous. You'll also get the opportunity to visit the Du Jiang Yan water project, the Leshan Giant Buddha, or explore more of the city sites that Chengdu has to offer.

You can read more detailed information about the aims of the project in our China Care Management Plan.

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