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Volunteer OverseasVolunteer Overseas

Volunteer and Intern in Senegal

  • Location: St Louis
  • Accommodation: Host families
  • Local languages: French & Wolof
Country Info

Senegal, in West Africa, is a fairly poor and undeveloped country that benefits greatly from the efforts of Projects Abroad volunteers. In the rural areas and in some towns, many people struggle to meet their everyday needs, and volunteers have a crucial role to play in improving their quality of life. Our international volunteer projects or internships in Senegal are available for anyone interested in volunteering in French-speaking Africa, whether you are on a gap year, a summer vacation, or a career break.

Volunteers and staff outside a Senegalese care facility for children.

Senegal encompasses many of Africa’s contrasts and contradictions within its borders. From arid desert land in the north to tropical jungle in the far south, cool breezes along the coast to furnace-like heat in the interior, thriving, modern commercial centers to isolated mud-hut settlements, Senegal is a window onto the wider African continent.

The country is a former French colony and much of the French influence still exists today. It is an ideal location for volunteering if you wish to begin learning, improve your French language skills, or already count yourself as a fluent French-speaker. You will certainly find it hard to return without having taken on some of the Senegalese accent.

Staff ProfileAmadou Moctar Ba, Country Director
Amadou Moctar Ba
Country Director
“Welcome to magical Senegal, the country of ‘Teranga’ or hospitality! Senegal offers a fascinating history, a traditional culture and plenty of travel opportunities. In St. Lous French influence is everywhere, but the city has its own brand of exotic music, food and customs that offers volunteers a true taste of modern-day Senegalese life. With beautiful landscapes and welcoming people, you will definitely enjoy experiencing West Africa!”

Where You Will Live in Senegal with Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad Senegal has its volunteer office in St Louis, a seaside town approximately four hours north of the hectic capital city, Dakar. Volunteers can get involved with a variety of worthwhile volunteer projects and internships, including looking after children in kindergartens and day cares, or teaching conversational English to young and adult students.

Volunteer sitting on a bench with a group of children in Senegal

St Louis is perhaps the most “French” of all Senegalese towns, with its colonial architecture, patisseries, and shaded streets. At the same time, it provides fascinating insight into the every-day lives of the Senegalese as their country changes and develops.

The main town of St Louis is situated on a long, rectangular island in the middle of the River Senegal, and has outlying districts on the mainland area as well as on a sandy peninsula bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Commerce, fishing and tourism are the lifeblood of the town and its surrounding region.

While in Senegal you will live with a host family. Senegalese people are very hospitable, and you will have a good opportunity to immerse yourself in their culture while you are in the care of your host family. Other friendly volunteers and members of staff are always nearby too.

Travel and Sightseeing Opportunities in Senegal

Volunteer jumps in the middle of the desert while traveling in Senegal

With national parks offering a variety of animal and birdlife attractions – including one of the largest pelican breeding grounds in the world – sandy beaches, a vibrant music scene, wild countryside and thriving cities to explore, there is something in Senegal to suit every taste.

While you are volunteering abroad in Senegal you can learn or improve your French, immerse yourself in the local culture, and enjoy the experience of West-African life by experiencing traditional villages and cultural centers. On days off, and when your placement is over, the beautiful tropical beaches will provide the perfect opportunity for you to lie back and relax.

Projects for All Ages in Senegal

High School Specials for Teens in Senegal

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