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Incan & Wari Archaeology in Peru for Teens

Project Info
2 weeks
  • Sunday June 11th 2017 - Saturday June 24th 2017
  • Sunday July 2nd 2017 - Saturday July 15th 2017
  • Sunday July 23rd 2017 - Saturday August 5th 2017
  • Sunday August 13th 2017 - Saturday August 26th 2017

2 weeks
  • Sunday June 10th 2018 - Saturday June 23rd 2018
  • Sunday July 1st 2018 - Saturday July 14th 2018
  • Sunday July 22nd 2018 - Saturday August 4th 2018
  • Sunday August 12th 2018 - Saturday August 25th 2018

  • Placement location: Cuzco
  • Types of placements: Archaeological Site
  • Accommodation: Host Families
  • Age Requirements: 16-19 years old
  • Arrival Airport: Cusco (CUZ)
  • Local Languages: Spanish, Quechua

A volunteer on the High School Special Inca Project in Peru examines ceramic found on-site.

Do you want to learn more about the fascinating history of the Inca civilization? As a volunteer on the Incan & Wari Archaeology High School Special, you will travel to the World-Heritage city of Cuzco to get involved with various archaeological and historical activities and community work.

The program begins in Cuzco with an introduction to the grandeur of the Inca Empire and the lifestyle and traditions that are continued by the locals. You will then be driven to the town of Lucre, which is a 40 minute journey from Cuzco. Here, you will work with our local archaeological experts, helping investigate and map unregistered structures and forms in Pikillaqta National Park.

In addition, your group will also assist with community projects, such as painting and renovating a play area at a local elementary school.

You will be taken to see many of the archaeological wonders of Peru including the magnificent Machu Picchu and Ollantaytambo where the Inca fought their last battle with the Conquistadores. Together with the other volunteers, you will be able to visit the ruins and see the markets of traditional Peruvian towns.

Accommodation on this project is with a local host family, who will welcome you into their home. This is a great way to experience Peruvian culture and daily life first hand, as well as learn and practice some Spanish! Spanish is commonly spoken throughout Peru, as well indigenous languages such as Quechua. The Peruvian diet consists of lots of potatoes, rice, pasta, vegetables, corn, cheese, and meat.

What are High School Specials? Community Service Credit

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