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Arrival Procedures in Laos for Volunteers

Arrival Procedures
  • ARRIVAL AIRPORT: Wattay International Airport (VTE)

Buddhist monks at a lake in Laos, Asia.

On arrival in Laos, after collecting your luggage, you will be met by a Projects Abroad staff member (they will be waiting for you with a Projects Abroad sign in hand). They will then take you to your accommodation, where you will be introduced to the other volunteers and then left to relax, unpack, and settle in.

The drive from the airport to Vientiane is around 30 minutes. Depending on the traffic, the travel time should be fairly quick. This is a great opportunity to take in your surroundings and enjoy the sights!

Volunteering in Laos: Induction and Orientation

Depending on the time of your arrival in Vientiane, you will either have your induction the same day as your arrival or the following day. You will be picked up from your accommodation by a staff member who will then take you for the orientation around town. The trip will include stops at different landmarks and amenities such as the post office, banks, and bureaux de change. You can also buy a local SIM card or phone. During the day, you will have the opportunity to meet other volunteers.

All volunteers in Laos will travel between the accommodation and the placement using transport organised by Projects Abroad. This will be explained to you during your induction and all necessary work-related transportation costs will be covered by us.

The handbook and any necessary safety and security measures will also be explained to you at your induction.

If you arrive over the weekend, you will have your induction on the Monday morning, because banks and the post office are closed all weekend and the exchange bureaus are closed on Saturday afternoon and all of Sunday.

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